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Take Your First Step to Owning Your Dream Home – and Save Money, Too!

One of the first steps in buying or building a new home is getting pre-approved. A lot of stress and guesswork can be avoided by simply knowing what your investment range will be.

If you do not already have an established relationship with a lender, we suggest working with one of our preferred lending partners.  We have a longstanding relationship with our lenders, and they know our building process inside and out, so we can assist you in securing a mortgage on your home quickly and efficiently. Plus they can offer incentives not available with other lenders.

Core will also stay in contact with your lender – whoever you choose to finance your new home – to make sure their underwriter receives all documents as quickly as possible so that your closing is a breeze.

Please feel free to contact one of our Preferred Lender Partners listed below – Rodney and Nate will be happy to discuss financing options available for you.

Our Lender Partners

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Putting Down Roots with Growing Peace of Mind

Home buying is an emotional decision. Especially when it comes to how you feel about your bank. Whether you’re buying a starter home or starting to think about downsizing, FirstBank will make sure you have the loan that feels right. Our service always makes working with us feel like a relationship. By providing in-house underwriting, funding and closing, you can keep that relationship through the loan process. Our refinancing, renovation and investment property loan options can make you feel good about the advantages of your biggest investment.

If you choose to use FirstBank as your mortgage lender, you will receive a lender credit of 1% of your loan amount – up to $5,000. This credit can be used to lower your interest rate on your loan, or can be applied toward closing costs. This can represent a significant savings for you!

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A mortgage experience made for you

When Guaranteed Rate began twenty two years ago, the mortgage industry was entirely set up for the lenders, at the expense of the people who were just trying to buy a home. It wasn’t right.

So we flipped the industry on its head by putting the customer first, instead of the lender. For us, everything was, and still remains, all about providing a better experience for the customer. We are absolutely committed to delivering service so exceptional that our customers can’t wait to recommend us to their family and friends.

Rodney Long
Mortgage Banker
First Bank NMLS #472433
office :706-858-8430
cell 423-580-8644
fax: 706-858-1025

Nate Byram Preferred Mortgage Broker head shot

Nate Byram
Branch Manager/VP of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate NMLS #2611
phone: 423-682-1773
web: people.rate.com/nate-byram-1289761

Get Pre-Aproved for Your Loan Using Our Online Loan Application
Get Pre-Aproved for Your Loan Using Our Online Loan Application

BUYER INCENTIVE: $5,000 credit toward closing costs on select homes Call 423-805-2676 for details!